Initially designed as a show where various DJs were expressing their opinions, the success of Hour of Groove determined us to increase its impact and musical horizon that we consider to be unlimited or infinite. Thus, the most of the radio shows became available on audio format for those not having the opportunity to listen to them "live". More about Groove Hour Show

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It's All About Housemusic
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Step It Up (Justin Michael Remix)
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Name: Mihai Girip
Birth date: 1974

Uuuuhhhh! I hate these bio's. Too much for me to write. I need the biggest server of N.S.A. to fill it with the thing I've done since 1974. I'll try 2 b short here skipping the other parts (like childhood battles, footbal player or pepsi maker) and talk only about the music stuff. Deejayin'… hmmm… tough! I am deejayin', right, but I'm not a deejay 'cause I still won't accept this wonderful thing as a job. So I'll never be. When I was 16 I had my first season as a resident (I won't say where, u won't know it anyhow). Hehe. Hella funny to remember. Do ya know what a Kashtan is? U don't? Better. At 18 I made my own rock band. Punk exactly. After a year I started another band. Much better. Playin' drums for a few years it was exciting. Shows & festivals, hella kewl, with no other reason than good live music and FUN. In '96 a friend told me that they need a producer in the most famous radio station in Constanta at that time. Why not? Production and a four hour night music show three days a week sounds good. Especially when you need a job. And it was my first year studying journalism too (I cheated the admision test; no connection with the radio work, the test was one month before the job :p). The next year was my last of studying (maybe I'll finish that school sometime… or maybe not) but more important, it was the next radio station for me too. My first station built from "point zero". Programming Director, lottsa experiments and new things and a great team. Then another station built (kindda "child" of the first one). Three years. And then (until now) another station. I mean ProFm 90,1 fm Constanta, the homeland of Groove Hour Show and the place where I still spend more time than anywhere.

Outdoor… more to tell. From years and years all the things that make this job great: lottsa parties to run, lottsa live shows to host (as long as dead shows too J), lottsa club nights and afterhoursheadbanginsunburninnonsleepinetc dayz. U know, stuff. I won't name here the clubs where I've been, the people that I met, the parties that I was part of. They're past (even the last nite's party deejayin@Motor :p). I won't name here the clubs where I'll be, the people that I'll meet, the partyes or other things that I'll do. They're in the future and I am not a futureteller (or I am…a bit: 2morrow nite deejayin' too J). All in all one thing (hard to call it "thing", but…) remains the same: music. The connection between me and the things I do and the people around. Part of it you will find here on this site. Another part u can hear on the radio on my shows. Another part in the clubs when I'm deejayin'. Another part in my comp (strictly restricted area :p). But the most important part u can find much easier: in yourself. Just open your ears, your mind and especially your soul and let it out after you let it in. Accept and encourage diversity, respect the good things and don't ever forget that every sound can be music at a moment if you're open to it.

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