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Its 6am..the sun is coming up…we’re so tired we can barely see…however, there’s a driving rhythm that we just can’t stop moving to…it just keeps building and building….the crowd are going crazy…and there at the forefront is Axwell..whipping us all into a frenzy… and then, out of nowhere, the bass drops.. and it hits you like a Swedish Massage.

Axwell, who hails from the Swedish countryside, found that music was in his system from a tender age. Playing the drums at the age of 9, Axwell became frustrated with his fellow classmates who could not keep up; so he traded his drums at the age of 13 for a computer, so he could play all the instruments himself. This was the start of a beautiful friendship...

Axwells energy infects everything he touches, from his djs sets, to remixes, to his solo projects. Axwell's latest solo offering is arguably his biggest record to date. "Feel The Vibe" has all the hallmarks of an Axwell track…the tight production…the funky bassline and most of all that "Feel Good Vibe". The track was released on Swedish label Nero Recordings at the end of last summer and soon picked up support from a host of big name DJ's including Roger Sanchez, Judge Jules and Pete Tong. The track was then picked up by Data Records this Summer and re-released with a vocal and reached Number 16 in the UK charts.
The momentum does not stop there, Axwell has swiftly risen up the dj ranks and has toured extensively from Miami – Ibiza – Manilla – South Africa - London. His highly charged sets infuse sexy vocal house with a deep driving bass that has the crowd electrified.

The next few months promise even more delights; there is the pivotal remix for Roger Sanchez's new track "Turn Up The Music"(Stealth), the massive anthem remix of Hard Fi - "Hard To Beat"(Atlantic). Other recent mixes have included C-Mos "2 Million Ways" (Manifesto), Sabor – “Coracao” (nero)and Rasmus Faber "Get Over Here" (Azuli), Moby, Usher, Faith Evans, Room 5…the list goes on.

This month Axwell has just completed the first release for his new label Axtone Records… the collaboration with fellow Swede Sebastian Ingrosso is aptly titled "Together" and has already received massive support from Pete Tong, Roger Sanchez, Erick Morillo, Steve Angello & Eric Prydz. If you join the latter 2 with Sebastian Ingrosso and Axwell.. you will find that you have found the Swedish Mafia. These boys have helped mould the new House scene, “Sweden is really buzzing now, and it’s an exciting time” says Axwell. This buzz is spilling over from Scandinavia and seeping its way into every dancefloor you’re in. Its everywhere!

The second release for the label is called "Watch The Sunrise" and features the fantastic vocals of the UK's Steve Edwards; driving Latin beats and an insatiable flamenco guitar lick; it’s a huge Anthem that is currently Number 3 in the Radio 1 Club Charts.
In between all the djing, the remixes, the record label, and the production.. this Swedish Mafioso clearly shows no signs of slowing down.


Discography / Productions

* Supermode - Tell Me Why (Data, 2006)
* AxEr - 1 2 3 (Pryda, 2005)
* AxEr - 3 2 1 (Pryda, 2005)
* Axwell ft.SteveEdwards-Watch The Sunrise(axtone records, 2005)
* Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso - Together (axtone records, 2005)
* Mambana - Felicidad (SoulfuricTrax, 2004)
* Axwell - Feel The Vibe (Nero/Joia, 2004)
* Axwell ft. Nevada - Wait A Minute (Device, 2003)
* Axwell & Evelyn Thomas - High Energy (suSU/Concept, 2003)
* Mambana - Libre (SoulfuricTrax, 2003)
* Axwell - Lead Guitar (Stoneyboy, 2002)
* Jetlag - So Right (SoulfuricTrax, 2002)
* Starbeach ft. D. Empress - Get Naked (SuSu/Concept, 2002)
* Axwell - Dem Wicked Sounds (Whitelabel,2002)
* Mambana - No Reason (SoulfuricTrax, 2002)
* Mahogany People - This Heart Of Mine (ProductDeluxeUK, 2001)
* Elements Of Life - Head Above Water (Guidance, 2001)
* Vintage Youth - StarBeach 7:am (Edel, 2001)
* Axwell - PullOver (Mostiko/RAM, 2000)
* Axwell - To The Music (Discoboll/Arcade, 2000)
* Axwell - Like a Jazzplayer (Stoneyboy/Loaded UK, 1999)
* Axwell - FunkBoy (Stoneyboy, 1999)

Discography / Remixes

* Madonna - Jump (Warner,2006)
* Nelly Furtado ft. Timbaland - Promiscuous (Geffen,2006)
* Lorraine - Transatlantic Flight (sonyBmg,2006)
* Bob Sinclar - World, Hold On (yellow/defected,2006)
* Pharrell - Angel (Startrak/Virgin,2005)
* Deep Dish - Dreams (Positiva,2005)
* Sugiurumn - Star Baby (NipponCrown, 2005)
* Moby - Slipping Away (Mute, 2005)
* Ernesto vs. Bastian - Dark Side Of The Moon (Newstate, 2005)
* Hard Fi - Hard 2 Beat (Atlantic, 2005)
* Roger Sanchez - Turn On The Music (Stealth, 2005)
* Sabor - Coracao (Nero, 2005)
* C-Mos - 2 Million Ways (Manifesto,2005)
* Average White Band - Lets Go Round Again (JvcMusicJapan,2005)
* Rasmus Faber - Get Over Here (Farplane,2005)
* Dj Flex - Love 4 U (Nero/Joia,2004)
* Usher - Burn (Arista/Bmg, 2004)
* Eric Prydz - Slammin (Credence, 2003)
* Souledz - You Cant Hide Your Love (suSU/Concept, 2003)
* The Attic - Destiny (Universal,2003)
* Clipse ft. Faith Evans-Mah I dont love her (Startrak/Arista, 2003)
* Room 5 - Make Luv (Positiva, 2002)
* Soulsearcher - Feelin Love (Soulfuric, 2002)
* Afro Angel - Join Me Brother (SuSu, 2002)
* Deli pres. Demetreus - BetterLove (Nero/Joia, 2002)
* Robbie Rivera - Burning (EpisodeUS, 2002)
* Mendez - No Criminal (Stockholm Records, 2002)
* Playmaker - BlackPony (Impression Sounds, 2002)
* L'Stelle - Let It Go (Episode US, 2002)
* MichelleWilson - Love Connection (WaakoNYC, 2002)
* Mendez - Adrenaline (Stockholm Records, 2002)
* Enamor - I Believe (WaakoNYC, 2002)
* MixMaster & Axwell - Summerbreeze (VOTU, 2001)
* Waako - I Get Lifted (WaakoNYC, 2001)
* OceanSpirit - BourbonStreet (Stockholm Records, 2001)
* Mendez - Blanca! (Stockholm Records, 2001)
* MowRee - Luv Is Not To Win (VOTU, 2001)
* LoveSelective - El Bimbo Latino (TommyBoy, 2001)
* Murcielago - Los Americanos (Mostiko/RAM, 2001)
* MixMaster - Latin Session (StonebridgeRec./Edel, 2001)
* Sahlene - House (RAM, 2001)
* EasyStreet ft. Nevada - Be With You (EMI, 2001)
* Bikini - Nite&Day (Edel, 2001)
* Cape - L.O.V.E (EMG, 2001)
* Lutricia McNeal - Sodapop - (RoadRunnerArcade, 2000)
* Stonebridge ft. Dayeene - I Like (StonebridgeRec./Edel, 2000)
* Antiloop - Only U (Stockholm Records/Universal, 2000)
* Tin Pan Alley-My Love Has Got A Gun (Bonnier Music, 2000)
* Da Buzz - Let Me Love You (Edel Records, 2000)
* Juni Juliet - Back In My Arms (RAM Norway, 2000)
* Elena Valente - Love Is (RAM, 2000)
* Domenicer - Dolce Marmelata (RoadrunnerArcade, 2000)


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