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Erick E

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Erick E


DJ/producer Ericke has spent the last decennium at the pinnacle of Dutch house music. Whether he spun at his Saturday-residency at RoXY Amsterdam, at numerous parties all over the world, or at the Dutch Dance Award-winning Loveboat; Ericke rocked the house.
Apart from his energetic and danceable mix of (tribal) grooves, the main reasons for his popularity are his enthusiasm and charisma behind the decks. Ericke truly interacts with his audience.

Ericke's DJ-career kicked off in '86, when he started making a name for himself in Amsterdam as hip-hop DJ. In í89 he won the Dutch DMC Championship, and 1 year later he represented Holland in the World Finals. In the following years his music changed, but his star kept rising. In '95 he landed the Saturday-residency in Amsterdamís house temple; the legendary RoXY. His weekly 'SWET' nights were a huge success, until '98, when a slightly over-exuberant celebration of the death of one of RoXY's founders ended in the fiery demise of Holland's most famous club ever.

Being out of his steady job, didnít exactly leave Ericke out of work. His reputation as a groovy party-starter got him booked in every corner of Holland, at any size parties, from mainstream to underground. He turned the tables at the main stage at Dance Valley, at Sensation in the Amsterdam Arena for a crowd of 40,000, but also at small clubs like Stalker in Haarlem. Ericke doesnít exactly limit himself to Holland though, and has spun across the globe, at clubs like Haoman 17 in Jerusalem, Amnesia in Ibiza, Crobar in Miami Beach and Turnmills in London. As if that wasnít enough, he also started his own night, EVE, for which he hosted the likes of David Morales, Deep Dish, Junior Sanchez, Yousef, Phats and Smalls and Felix da Housecat.

On top of all this, Ericke is also a successful producer and owner of a record label. For his label OneStar he discovered Matthew Dekay, who released his first productions on OneStar. As a producer Ericke has had successful solo projects, as well as successful co-productions with Olav Basoski and Matthew Dekay. With the latter he released 'This Category', which is featured on Sander Kleinenbergís Essential Mix CD. With Olav Basoski he has released several successful productions on the Work label. And his solo-project 'Make You Smile' was recently signed on Sander Kleinenbergís Everybody Loves Music-label.

Given Erickeís increased focus on the production-side of his trade, the future should only bring more for this "promising talent".

Ericke: High-caliber DJ, explosive party-starter, gifted producer.


Darwin Paul

Darwin Paul represents House Music. The City of Los Angeles is where he calls Home. San Francisco is the place where he discovered that if dreams are to come true, there are people who guide you to your destination. They are known...
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Its 6am..the sun is coming up…we’re so tired we can barely see…however, there’s a driving rhythm that we just can’t stop moving to…it just keeps building and building….the crowd are going crazy…and there at the forefront is Axwell...
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