Indoor advertising

In order to increase the impact, Groove Hour launched recently an important project promoting the Romanian tourism and involving large multi-national and Romanian companies, national and local actors: Your advertisement supports Tourism More on indoor advertising

Romanian Tourism Needs Your Ad! Roman Edifice with mosaic

Versiunea Romana | English Version

Groove Hour themes

Clients can choose to print new leaflets and brochures through Groove Hour services. We propose a new concept of promotional documents: clients own advertising is combined with useful information for foreign and Romanian tourists. This concept make the leaflet or brochure to stay in could-be consumer's hands or pockets much longer than any other type of printed material, while the message can be seen or read of countless times.

Seaside themes

Seaside themes
  • archaeological sites
  • museums
  • theatres (programmes)
  • religious monuments
  • natural parks
  • entertainment parachutism
  • fishing diving
  • maps: the county, resorts, towns
  • restaurants
  • public transport
  • how to avoid thieves how they operate
  • info seaside
  • keep beaches clean
  • questionnaires (e.g. tourist services quality survey)
  • flyers
  • Danube Delta
  • promotional images from Prahova Valley

Prahova Valley themes

Valea Prahovei themes
  • tourist hiking guides
  • ski tracks, cable transport programme
  • natural resources
  • museums
  • mountain rescue
  • leisure, Internet, clubs
  • maps : regions, towns, resorts, ski tracks
  • religious monuments
  • maintain a clean mountain
  • restaurants
  • transports
  • info mountain
  • archaeological sites
  • caves
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