Indoor advertising

Groove Hour specialises in indoor advertising and printed promotional documents. Its services capitalize the high traffic of potential clients and the great visibility of tourist facilities such as hotels, restaurants, business centres, museums, tourist information offices, clubs, etc. More on indoor advertising

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Groove Hour themes

Clients can choose to print new leaflets and brochures through Groove Hour services. We propose a new concept of promotional documents: clients own advertising is combined with useful information for foreign and Romanian tourists. This concept make the leaflet or brochure to stay in could-be consumer's hands or pockets much longer than any other type of printed material, while the message can be seen or read of countless times.

Seaside themes

Seaside themes
  • archaeological sites
  • museums
  • theatres (programmes)
  • religious monuments
  • natural parks
  • entertainment parachutism
  • fishing diving
  • maps: the county, resorts, towns
  • restaurants
  • public transport
  • how to avoid thieves how they operate
  • info seaside
  • keep beaches clean
  • questionnaires (e.g. tourist services quality survey)
  • flyers
  • Danube Delta
  • promotional images from Prahova Valley

Prahova Valley themes

Valea Prahovei themes
  • tourist hiking guides
  • ski tracks, cable transport programme
  • natural resources
  • museums
  • mountain rescue
  • leisure, Internet, clubs
  • maps : regions, towns, resorts, ski tracks
  • religious monuments
  • maintain a clean mountain
  • restaurants
  • transports
  • info mountain
  • archaeological sites
  • caves
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