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In order to increase the impact, Groove Hour launched recently an important project promoting the Romanian tourism and involving large multi-national and Romanian companies, national and local actors: Your advertisement supports Tourism More on indoor advertising

Romanian Tourism Needs Your Ad! Roman Edifice with mosaic

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Romanian Tourism Needs Your Ad!

The Project philosophy is simple: to create and present in our own stands a vast series of informative materials helping the tourist with useful information for his/her vacation in the mountains or by the seaside. Connecting the advertisement with the useful information ensures the MOST EFFICIENT commercial promotion towards the target group.

The informative packages cover many domains, so the domain can become the primary target choice, while the final target will be based on the original promotional brand lay-out.
We offer over 400 presentation stands for leaflets and brochures, located in hotel lobbies in Constanta, Mamaia, Neptun - Olimp, Eforie Nord, Eforie Sud, Saturn, Jupiter, and on Prahova Valley.

Our Project is based on the simple fact that the beneficiaries will retain the message longer than any other addressees, due to the section “useful information” on the material. This advertising channel is efficient in terms of cost to impact ratio. The message visibility is at the highest, as there are extremely few other stimuli to compete with it. Our distribution campaign attains over 1.000.000 subjects per month having access to all materials presented in the stands.

The stands design offers maximum visibility to all exposed materials (the material is visible 100%).

By correlating all this information, a campaign can be diagnosed and optimised so that to introduce details improving the image of your company or product.

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