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Romanian Tourism Needs Your Ad! Roman Edifice with mosaic

Versiunea Romana | English Version

The Roman Edifice with Mosaic

Project proposal aiming at preserving the Roman Edifice with Mosaic through consolidating the existing protection building. Modernisation of the museum complex through creating cultural spaces.

Rehabilitation, functional redesign, horizontal and vertical extension of the Roman Mosaics-Paved Edifice
7th version approved by the Ministry for Culture, Cults and National Patrimony

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The whole Roman Edifice is protected by a window-building dated 1960. The Edifice itself consists in Greek vestiges which floors are covered with thick coloured mosaic pieces, the drawing representing geometrical and floral figures. The museum exhibition includes collections of ancient goods from ships, found in the Edificeís warehouses: anchors, ingots, weights, amphora filled with paints and resins, statues, etc. The ancient warehouses host epigraphic monuments discovered in Dobrogea.

Existent Situation

The Roman Edifice with Mosaic is managed by Constanta National History and Archaeology Museum. Due to national and local strategic priorities and, consequently, financial ones, during the last 10 years the efforts have been directed to maintain, rehabilitate and preserve the Edifice, so that external factors will not affect the vestiges and the protection building.

Development Proposals

Projectís general objective is to contribute to the regeneration of the peninsular area of Constanta Town, through creating a friendly cultural space promoting the Roman Edifice with Mosaic in the context of cultural, artistic and business events and activities. The project proposes development solutions for the Edifice, taking into consideration the local and regional development strategies, adapted to actual visitorsí needs, to the environment, as well as to the local community needs.
The projectís specific objectives are as follows:

  • To develop the Edificeís museum frame through integrating modern architectural elements and increasing the dynamics of the whole environment by inter-arts and business programmes valorising the unique ambience of the vestiges and the town cultural potential
  • To increase the visitors and tourists flows with Constanta National History and Archaeology Museum, the Roman Edifice with Mosaic, and, in general, with the old peninsular town centre
  • To remove the external degradation elements of the Edifice and ensure a controlled climate adapted for the reservation of vestiges and exhibition
  • To secure the technical, human and financial resources for promoting cultural-artistic and museum activities, whatever their source (budgetary, external or sponsorship)
  • To develop adequate programmes for all age and socio-economic groups, to increase the specialised assistance in the Edifice promotion
  • To improve the welcoming conditions for visitors and participants in cultural-artistic programmes by introducing specific facilities and utilities (water, sewage)
  • To develop information and promotion resources addressing the large public, through promotional materials, exhibitions, events and happenings
  • To develop partnerships with the public, private and non-governmental sectors for the benefit of the Edifice promotion and valorisation, as well as of the proposed Project
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